ConectaIP was created in 2008. It was composed entirely by senior telecommunications engineers with extensive experience in the transmission and recording of audio and video, as well as an in-depth knowledge of IP networks.

Initially, a solution for control centres and alarm management was developed, allowing the control and visualization of corporate IP cameras. Subsequently, a voice communication over IP networks product was designed and manufactured, the IPefono.

Since the design of this product used elements exclusively developed within the company, we were able to quickly and effectively meet the particular needs of each market, launching products designed for parking and ticketing, banking, prisons, airports, etc.

Today, ConectaIP continues to work on improving and adapting its solutions for each market, for which we listen, value, and implement the changes and improvements that our customers suggest.


ConectaIP is composed by engineers with extensive experience in the telecommunications hardware and software design.

The technology used for the development of our products is totally proprietary, both, the EasyTasks Operating System and the electronic cards hardware design. Additionally, although the communication protocols are standard to ensure compatibility with other devices, they have been developed entirely within the company, so they are not exposed to the vulnerability of using open source.