IPefono is a device designed to establish voice communications over IP network infrastructures. It has different operating modes depending on your needs, such as "talk", "push to talk", "listen", "public address" and "broadcast".

Its main characteristics are high audio quality, although, we use the same bandwidth as most similar equipment, it provides a much clearer signal, a very high energy efficiency and one of the shortest audio delays we can find in the VoIP market.

It can be integrated into standard IP telephony platforms such as Call Managers and VoIP PBX, as long as it supports Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), as well as manage it using only an IP phone. The Windows Helpdesk application is also available free of charge, as well as a different OCX components to include IPefonos in third-party applications.

It can be managed and configured using an Internet browser. In addition, diagnostic traces are available through your Telnet server.

The IPefono can be connected directly to Internet voice over IP providers accounts, allowing long-distance communications as well as access to other telephone networks: GSM (mobile), PSTN (basic telephone network), ...


The IPefono OEM is distributed in electronic card format to be integrated into third-party machines and provide the system with a separate intercom element, capable of operating when the service machine fails.



IPefono HQ is an equipment designed to provide intercom services by taking advantage of IP network infrastructures. It has an industrial-grade “Ethernet switch” by which we can connect other devices to the network without the need of an additional “switch” or perform intercom serial topologies. Its DIN rail enclosure format makes installation extremely easy.

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The IPefono LC is an equipment designed to provide intercom services by taking advantage of IP network infrastructures. It’s PoE powered with a very compact design, making its installation easy on other machines that require IP Intercom services.

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The Wall Mount model can be surface or flush-mounted, with a call button or a 16-key matrix keypad. Made of anodized aluminium, it can be used indoors or outdoors. Optionally, a lacquered aluminium canopy can be mounted on the surface model.

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This is the same model as the previous one, but it includes a video camera.

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The IPefono Desktop is a desktop model that incorporates a gooseneck microphone. A high-contrast OLED display and a keypad that allows you to communicate with other IP extensions by number or program up to 16 keys for direct access to other extensions or activate functions.

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ipefono AV

The IPefono AV is an IP intercom designed to operate in the most demanding security conditions. Its robust mechanical construction offers the highest protection against malicious damage. It is built on a 2 mm thick stainless steel front where the call pad, microphone and speaker are located, without having any external holes, avoiding the possibility of inserting sharp objects.

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ipefono HSQ

The IPefono HSQ is a wall intercom made from ABS plastic and aluminium, comprised of a handset and a base. It allows communication through the handset or hands-free and is designed to be used in facilities with specific requirements.


ipefono PSOS

The IPefono PSOS is an IP intercom with an ethernet port for tunnel and roadside emergency call box. It’s comprised of two fully independent audio circuits, each with user and service call buttons, enclosure opening detector, speaker output and electro-mechanical microphone input.

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call manager

Call Manager is a Windows application that allows you to operate the ConectaIP intercoms and establish audio and video connections, as well as receive calls, activate outputs, broadcast pre-recorded announcements, etc.

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device manager

Device Manager is a Windows application that allows you to monitor and manage the ConectaIP products installation of any size.

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